Help Sandy Volunteers on the Ground in Rockaway

posted almost 9 years ago by Astoria Recovers Admin
This update is over 30 days old.

Help Keep Independent Volunteers Working Hard! In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, hundreds of volunteers came to the disaster areas to tirelessly work toward recovery. Unlike other workers on the front lines, they have been working in the disaster areas without a stipend of any kind. They have provided medical relief, food, shelter, clean up, construction, mold clean up and so much more. Many of them have selflessly committed to this work in the long term without promise of salary however, many will be unable to pay for their homes and other financial obligations without your help!

We need you to keep these dedicated volunteers working hard! Please visit the Sandy Volunteer Fundraising Page and share it on Facebook! Your donations will go toward keeping 20 full time volunteers working on the ground. It will go directly to these individuals who work every day in the disaster areas, supporting the local residents as only they can. Thank You!


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