TUESDAY November 6th - Volunteers, Supplies, Drivers, Information

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VOLUNTEERS: ASTORIA VOLUNTEERS: There will be a BUS leaving from 23-74 38th street in Astoria at 11:45am and coming back at 5PM Just come her. No need to call. Be ready to work outside in the cold. Dress warm, no valuables, bring gloves if you have them TODAY.

The Rockaways are in need of volunteers today. Please attempt to arrange your own rideshare. Volunteers should report to: YANA Beach 113 Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd. There is no address....everything is pretty much destroyed but you cannot miss it. Volunteers are needed in Manhattan at GOLES 169 Ave. B btw 10th and 11th Volunteers are needed We will be transporting volunteers and supplies from our main distribution center in Sunset Park throughout the day. If you can’t make it to the Rockaways, come to Brooklyn and we’ll get you there! St. Jacobi Church 5406 4th Ave

SPECIAL NOTICE TO ROCKAWAY VOLS (2) People need waterproof shoes–they need latex gloves to go underneath their working gloves.
(3) We need flashlights to work in basements and shovels to get rid of water. (4) We need cars–with gas. Lots of them. Without a doubt–people said they need PEOPLE–not supplies. PEOPLE to help them with their homes. —

RIDE SHARES: Please see the spreadsheet located on this site and try to self organize. You may use either of our Drop Off sites as locations to meet up. (Note: the previous rideshare document is still live and some people are still using it; you can check it out at http://bit.ly/AstoriaRideshare)

DONATIONS: Donations of supplies are needed on a constant basis starting at 10AM - 5PM at 23-74 38th St Astoria. Please see a list of needed supplies below.

Any essential questions please call Leni at 646-296-0070

Another location is 23-80 28th st in astoria debbie.astoriarelief@gmail.com

DRIVERS: Please come to 23-74 38th Street and you will be given info and locations for drop off. You should also text Leni@ 646-296-0070 with questions.

Thank You in advance for your help!


MOST ESSENTIAL ITEMS Work gloves, latex gloves,flashlights with batteries, face masks, thick black contractor bags and eye protection and SOCKS.

CLEANING SUPPLIES Mops, brooms, shovels, bleach, clorox, buckets.


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