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posted over 8 years ago by Astoria Recovers Admin
This update is over 30 days old.

We'll be curbing back our donation sites after Sunday, as we're doing our best within the entire recovery community to ascertain absolute needs and the outpouring of generosity has been truly outstanding. So stay tuned for an update there.

We will need cars and drivers to shuttle existing goods from our existing drop sites (Jackson Heights and Astoria) to the main distribution hub and volunteer intake at 520 Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn. Please utilize the rideshare document ( or get in touch with Leni and Neha at the sites to wrangle yourself out to where help is needed!

Please, no more clothes to the Rockaways. They need very specific items - socks, gloves & underwear, heavy-duty push brooms, cleaning supplies, generators, sources of heat, blankets, etc. Pick only the warmest, most quality stuff and hold on to it until we can efficiently distribute that. We will post a new list of needs presently. Also please visit for updates and additional volunteer opportunities. There are many communites affected by the storm and due to communications failures we're only getting word of where help is needed now. Westchester and of course New Jersey are hard hit. As Astorians were spared the worst, and as is evidenced by the outpouring of kindness and donations, we have the resources to help a whole lot of people.

You're all amazing! Thank you for making a big difference in a whole lot of lives.


  • I do not have a car, but I live in Astoria and would be happy to help today with any organization/sorting at the Astoria drop site, or to help transport/distribute as a passenger. Please let me know if I can be of assistance!

    Playdoh917 "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Fantastic post, thanks so much for all the very specific info. I yesterday went to the East Elmhurst donation place and donated what I could. Thanks so much for all you are doing, you guys are amazing!

    lotteotte "(over 8 years ago)"
  • Thank you very much for providing this information. I've looked at several sites regarding donations and this was the only one that provided information for Astoria. I went to the Astoria location and dropped off blankets, gloves, boots and sweaters. I would have liked to go to the Rockaways to lend a hand, but do not have a car and there were none available for today. If there's anything else we can do, please post. Thank you.

    KellieQ "(over 8 years ago)"
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