Thanks to the amazing volunteers who made today a HUGE SUCCESS!

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Hundreds of people turned out today to donate, sort, solicit, organize, and otherwise rock out at the Queens Library Broadway Branch. We sent over 20 cars to Rockaway, more than doubling the expected number. People were so moved by the sight of our massive operation that they volunteered on the spot to lend a hand or drive to Rockaway to deliver supplies. We set up boxes outside drug stores where people were dropping just bought batteries, water and flashlights. Everywhere you looked for a block in each direction balloons, signs, and volunteers drew people to our cause.

Today our neighborhood moved as a community, and was more than just a group of people with the same zip code.

Volunteers sorted, bagged and labeled hundreds of bags of winter clothes as well as batteries, candles, food, water, toiletries and cleaning supplies. Teams led by Kevin P were out on street corners shaking buckets and taking donations. Another crew went down Broadway visiting business with signs, official name tags, and buckets led by Emily and Gene G. By the end of the day we had collected over $3000 from people on the street!

We had lunch given to us by Starbucks Coffee and Polito's Pizza, and a sympathetic customer at a nearby deli bought us 10 sandwiches--which inspired the store to throw in another 5. Thanks to Chandra and Winnie for keeping people fueled up for the second half of the day.

So many people who stepped up and filled roles who I never even got to meet, thanks to them and those I did: Briann, Sylvie, Stephanie, Michelle, Kelly, Brendon, Janet, Joleen, Mark, Becky, Becky, Sylvana, Gerone, Dion; to all the drivers who used their scarce gas for our Rockaway brothers and sisters; thanks to Logan and the Queens Library for giving us space, and then more space; thanks to the VFW and Democratic Club for absorbing our overflow.



  • will the library be open again on Sunday, 11/4 for donations?

    earthhe "(over 8 years ago)"
  • The Library will NOT be open on Sunday. Please see sites listed above or on Occupy Sandy social media. LR>

    Wynn "(over 8 years ago)"
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