A Message From the Jackson Heights Drop Off Team

posted over 5 years ago by Astoria Recovers Admin
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all of your donations at the Jackson Heights, Queens InterOccupy drop off earlier today. We are reaching out to you to update you on further donations and volunteer help that is still needed.

For tomorrow (Saturday) we are looking for people with cars to shuttle donations and volunteers from the Jackson Heights drop off (33-33 87th Street) to St. Jacob's Church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We need drivers every hour from 10am to 9pm Saturday. If you are available and have gas to spare, please email Neha at resistandrise@gmail.com with the time you would be available to drive.

Also, in terms of donations, we are in need of the following items ONLY (starred items are priority):

Food and Water (bottled water, bread, fruit, canned goods and other nonperishable food items, baby food, pet food). Light sources (flashlights, matches, sterno, candles, etc.) Plastic utensils Batteries Plastic/paper plates, aluminum serving dishes, paper towels, garbage bags. New, Unopened toiletry and baby items (soap, creams, tissues, toilet paper, diapers, wipes, etc.) New, Unopened cleaning supplies (Clorox, detergent, etc) Clean, New or Like New Warm Clothes and Blankets

Please limit your donations to these items only. You can continue to drop these items off at the Jackson Heights, Queens location at 33-33 87th Street between 34th Avenue and Northern Blvd.

For additional volunteer opportunities check the following sites:


The Lower East Side Recovers

Red Hook Recovers

Staten Island Recovers

For any additional information, check out: (http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/)

Thank you! Jackson Heights InterOccupy Drop Off Team


  • I have a car and can help out from as early as 9am till 1 or 2pm

    danni1185 "(over 5 years ago)"
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