Rockaway relief sites for volunteers

posted over 1 year ago by Astoria Recovers Admin

We will be coordinating rideshares from the Greek Community Center in Astoria on Saturday. Details to follow presently. Stay tuned.


Rockaway Waterfront Alliance

Need volunteers to: knock on people's doors, help distributing meals, setting up a restaurant-style food station in the firehouse, digging people's cars out of the sand, helping people get in and out of the Rockaways, etc. Keep in mind: there is NO electricity, access to gas, etc. But volunteers are urgently needed 24/7!

Beach 59th Firehouse 58-03 Rockaway Beach Bvd Any time! 718-327-5919

Yana/Store Front Community Center

Type of work: Distributing hot meals, canned goods, clothes and toiletries. Sorting donations, preparing food, manning the cell phone powering station, pumping people's basements, cyphening gas out of broken down cars, helping neighbors with cleaning, debris removal, etc. How Many People: Everyone who comes will be put to work here or elsewhere in the Rockaways What tools/supplies to bring: Rubber boots, warm clothes (it's getting chilly out there), maybe your own flashlight if you intend on staying past sundown Contact person: Sofía Gallisá Muriente Any other background notes: If you want to bring donations with you, focus on simple, easily accesible urgent necessities like candles, flashlights, batteries, blankets and socks.

Date/Time: every day, 10am to 10pm Address: Beach 113th st and Rockaway Boulevard

Veggie Island

Volunteers to help cleaning out the restaurant and preparing it for serving food.

96th St & Rockaway Blvd 347-213-7466

UPDATE: I am told that the Q53 that is in service and normally would go to Rockaway but I believe it is only going to Crossbay Bay Boulevard to Pitkin Avenue, this might help with transportation for folks who are already on their way.


  • Any word on rideshares yet for this weekend?

    yoffilexi (over 1 year ago)
  • I would love to volunteer, but I need a ride over there. Any rideshares?

    jmalnik (over 1 year ago)
  • We want to cook food and bring it there tomorrow but can you tell me the best way (individual style or restaurant) and the best time?

    Kelwcu (over 1 year ago)
  • Hey yoffilexi and jmalnik,

    I rented a ZipCar and plan head down to Rockaway after picking up donations. Afterward I am staying there to assist in anyway, but I do have to get back to Astoria by 7 pm. Let me know if you are interested, email me at

    akcbeagle (over 1 year ago)
  • Probably can't tomorrow. But, is anybody going on Sunday? I've got no car but, I'd love to carpool with folks. Let me know, thanks! Good vibes to everyone!

    greenrockyroad (over 1 year ago)
  • If anyone is going on Sunday, a friend and I would be grateful to hitch a ride. We'd help pay for gas and such. Please email me at

    EmmaDiab (over 1 year ago)
  • Does anyone have tips on refueling in astoria? I'd love to drive out to the Rockaways tomorrow but my car is pretty much on fumes...I don't have enough in the tank to wait in line for hours at the gas station.

    kryslite (over 1 year ago)
  • I have a smart car with a quarter tank of fuel- not much but it would make one trip and could carry about 200 pounds of stuff. Contact me @!

    singealiene (over 1 year ago)
  • I plan on heading out tomorrow morning from Astoria. Anyone wanting a ride can email me:

    bobby4904 (over 1 year ago)
  • I am in for tomorrow, can i hitch a ride?

    loveandcompassion (over 1 year ago)
  • Looking to volunteer. I can be onsite Tues morn and give about a weeks worth of time. Will stay in Marine Park and bike out.

    archer71 (over 1 year ago)
  • i'd love to help out tomorrow 11/2, but just a need ride

    hazelsouffle (over 1 year ago)
  • I would love to help out but I also need a ride for 11/3, thanks!

    isiamusic (over 1 year ago)
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